Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is fascinating: Geotagging This guy mapped all the pictures taken in major cities around the world and compiled all kinds of visual data.  Take the “Tourist or Local” quiz. The map of Manhattan by race is actually kind of pretty, but the implication is that people still live in big clumps of single-race groups.

Youtube: Free Market America: If I wanted America to Fail Depressing, but true.  Reminds me that Atlas Shrugged Pt 2 is coming out.  

One author who says Apps are better than books.

Livestrong.com: 20 Foods We Sort of Miss.  Mmmmm.  Pudding Roll-Ups.

A company founded around mining asteroids.  The Space Renaissance is coming, my friends.  It’s starting now.  And all it took was NASA and that stupid shuttle to get out of the way.  Kinda funny how that works, isn’t it?

Sorry, I don’t believe it.  The War on Terror is over? And announcing something like this in public is the surest way to encourage another big domestic attack.  Radical Islamic fundamentalism is not dead.  Until then, we are all at risk.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Links

  • What should we do After Obama Care?  Answer: go the opposite direction. 
  • After having to jump through all those hoops to get my Secret clearance, and watching friends have to go through worse hoops to get Top Secret, I always wondered about this: POTUS Clearance.
  • A video everyone should watch before November Obama's 3 year goal.