Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The Ellsworth is reborn.

After four years of riding she was a little beat down. Time for a renewal.

It took a lot longer to upgrade it piece by piece, but it was cheaper than buying a whole new bike, and in the end I still have the bike that fits me like a glove. Plus it was pretty fun spec'ing out all the parts I wanted. Teenage girls like shop for new jeans and shoes in the mall. I like to shop for bike parts on the internet.

All in all it's 2.5 lbs lighter, rolls smoother, and the suspension is more plush.

The mostly complete list:

Old New
Shock DHX 5.0 Coil DHX 5.0 Air 2010
Fork Talas R PUSH RLC overhaul
Wheels Shimano XT M756/Mavic 819 Mavic Xmax ST
Brakes Avid Mech Juicy 7
Crank RaceFace X type Deus XC 175 XT M770
Cassette SRAM PG990 2010 PG 990
Chain SRAM something SRAM 991 Hollow Pin
Derailleur X7 X9 Med Cage
Pedals Shimano M540 XPEDO Ti
Bars EC70 Monkey Lite 09 EC70
Stem Thompson Elite 110mm Raceface XC 90mm
Linkage Bearings Old crappy Enduro Blue Shiny new Enduro Red

I think the best thing was the cheapest: thirty bucks to buy new linkange bearings and change them out with the press at work.

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