Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Score One For the Good Guys

Congratulations everybody! You won't ever have to listen to me bitch about this anymore!

That's right. I consider it a very personal victory since I have pissed and moaned and made my discontent known to everyone who would listen. I've yelled and screamed and convinced others to not mail in their tickets and told everyone I could not to ever pay them. I've even gotten several photoradar tickets mailed to me myself (and to Lia when I drove her car). Guess how many I have paid? If you guessed ZERO, you win.

Whatever forms of tyranny may be present in this world, at least I know I fought against one form of it and won, suckers!

One caveat to this, of course is that if by some small chance I get caught in another city like Tucson or in other states that have these Pint-size Oppress-o-cams, the bitching will start all over again. But I'll probably just do what I did before and throw the ticket in the trash.

The banner pic, by the way is of rapper DMX's photo-radar candid on the Scottsdale 101 at Shea Blvd. Heh!

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