Monday, March 14, 2011

Office Flooring Done

Holy. Mother. of God. It's over.


Part a) How long does it take to lay 280 sqft of bamboo floor?

Part b) How long does it take if the dorks who built your house put in 1/2in differential height from one foundation to the other, and you must flatten the floor to within 3/16in over 10 feet?

Part c) How long does it take if you already have an 8-5 Mechanical Engineering job?
-Note: Occupation of Engineer multiplies final product quality requirements by 5x, and therefore total time elapsed is affected by 10x. If you can see the GD&T callout for Part b) in your head, and make it into a "YOUR MOM" joke, multiply by an additional 3x.

Part d) How long does it take if you have a 1-year old?

Part e) How long does it take if your wife also has a 9-5 job and even though she'll take care of said 1 year old for 4 hours a night while you are off trying to answer Parts a) Through d) inclusive, still wants some time to eat, sleep, and have a personal life?

Answer: Well, all in all, you're into it from at least from Thanksgiving to about St. Patty's Day.


And correction: MY work in the office floor is done. Baseboards and moving outlets and patching drywall goes to some poor sap that won't be such a poor sap after I pay him. I want my life back. I'm done being Mr. Project. Mr. Project is gone. Mr. Short-2-hour-easy-fixit Man is still around. He's good friends with Dr. Likes-to-Mountainbike-Sedona-in-his-Free-Time Dude. Those two guys hate Mr. Project. They kicked him off the island. He's a lame, lame wad of big ol' boring bones.

So with Mr. Project gone, the small things can now get done. Like "enjoying my weekends." That kind of thing.

So here are the pics. Hey it's not splitboarding, but it was pretty much what I dreamt about for 3 plus months. (Why is there no entry for dreamt in the spellchecker? C'mon Google!)

Here is the evolution of the S corner view:

Laying different thicknesses of OSB and sanding:

Laying felt between the different thicknesses and felt over the top:

Underlayment over that:

Unpackaging the wood:

Laying the wood:


And Yes- in case you were wondering. There does indeed exist a CAD model of this office. I made it in Draftsight. Every flooring contractor needs a CAD dweeb. In my case, the flooring contractor IS the CAD dweeb. Heh.

The whole Picasa album is online, in case you want to see all the gory details.

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