Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Bunch of "Occupy" Links


Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street with a big sign saying: “I am the 1% Let’s talk”.
The man most vocal about the oncoming global financial crisis before it happened. Openly ridiculed from everyone in the MSM. He was right. Here he explains “Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One”.
Peter Schiff is basically the ballsiest guy out there, for going out into the Occupy crowd with a sign that says, "I am the 1%, Let's Talk." Here are three separate videos, not all from the same day, so I know he did this more than once.

Two The "Meme" guy is kind of dumb but I give him credit for the awesome skateboarding reference.
Three "I pay more taxes than all the protesters in the Park combined."

Schiff posted another video from the Schiff Report where he says, "they are occupying the wrong street!"

We are the 53% who actually pay taxes. I am a proud member, but a little disgruntled about it:

Down with Evil Corporations! and the revolution will be Facebooked (a publicly traded corporation).

OWS = The Flea Party

And Robert Tracinski wrote a good one, too. My favorite part is about the possibility OWS people switching to the Tea Party because of all the freeloading bums. You know, the REAL bums:
...street people were actively recruited by the Occupiers as a way of adding to their somewhat anemic numbers. But the naïve young hippies who make up the bulk of the movement are quickly discovering what the rest of us, with the benefit of actual life experience, already know about "the homeless."

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