Friday, October 14, 2011

MTB Strength Training Systems, Grand Junction, CO.

I can’t say enough about James Wilson and everyone at MTB Strength Training Systems. I drove up to that area this weekend to ride some of the local trails and to check out James’ first ever skills clinic.  I got a personal run-down on my strengths and weaknesses in my physical conditioning and as a mountain biker.    

I've always thought that in order to have good skills in any sport you have to be strong, and that’s why I have always used weightlifting to get better at whatever I do, even before I was a mountain biker.  It just so happens that strength training is the foundation of Wilson’s system. 

James is a fitness professional, and knows his business.  He knows the basics of training for any sport.  He has even posted about this in the past.  But he also thinks for himself.  When it came to his own sport and he realized that there was no good weight training program available for mountain bikers, he knew that there was a hole to fill and he has done that. 

On top of the excellent training for physical strength, though, James’ skills coaching is very good.  This is because his workouts are designed to replicate movements that must be used on the bike, and he bases his bike skills coaching on body movements and strength that is developed in the gym in the first place.  Everything is interrelated.    James explains skills in terms of basic, bare bones fundamentals, but on top of those, he will give you the correct coaching cues to pull off a move.  If you're like me, you will have new abilities simply due to his explanation of them.  This after many, many failed attempts prior to setting foot in the MTB STS facilty.

Everyone at the facility is good at what they do, generous, and accommodating. But for all of this, of course, it wasn't magical. I’m not a better rider over night.  I just learned about ALL the work I have to do to get there on my own.  That’s all you need a coach for, and it was worth the trip.

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