Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OWS Is It's Own Monty Python Movie

Glenn Reynolds has a good post about the postmodern left, Occupy Wall Street, anti-Columbus nonsense, anti-colonialism, and pure, visceral hatred of the United States.

Anti-colonialism is central to postmodern Leftism.
The OWS effort is essentially postmodernist. (The Dems think they can exploit them; Obama is one of them.)
The postmodern Left sees the Israelis as Jewish interlopers from Europe who stole the land from peace-loving Arabs just as Columbus stole the USA from peace-loving Indians. (And Arabs and Indians also had sustainable economies that were replaced with evil free-markets!)
The postmodern left’s presuppositions are bad and their facts wrong. Lets set the record straight and unpack a few of them:
1 – So called indigenous peoples all over the world are better off under our system – as a result of colonialism – and in our culture then they ever were or ever could have been under their own. They all have longer healthier more prosperous lives.
2 – Jews are not interlopers and have lived in the Holy Land continuously for thousands of years. Very few Arabs had ever settled there.
3 – The so-called al aksa Mosque cannot possibly be the one in the Koran; it was built years after Mohamed died; it was dubbed the al aksa mosque by a Turk who was forbidden entrance to Mecca and needed another place to make a pilgrimage to.
4 – Arabs are the interlopers in the Holy Land and North Africa.
5 – The Crusades were a counter-offensive and not an offensive; they were waged to expel the invader and not to invade.

To me it's all just like a Monty Python Script:

"...apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order... what have the [Americans] done for US?"

So compare this:

To this:

Howard Stern clip via Breitbart.

This one is ripe for mockery too but don't watch it unless you are in the mood to loathe humanity:

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Cora Lee Schingnitz said...

Pelosi was right. They are young,not so focused and probably not spontaneous. Breitbart has a video of a "leader" who says, "Some of them are volunteers, and Pricilla Grimm who apparently encourages them from her fifth avenue apartent says, “This is an occupation, and we are not leaving until there is systemic change.”